Jenkins Memorial Church
Saturday, May 27, 2017
The GROWING  'Little Church by The Side of The Road'

 Jenkins Memorial Church

Ladies Aid

The Jenkins Memorial Church Ladies Aid was established many years ago.    The primary goal of the Ladies Aid is to provide monetary support for various items needed at Jenkins Memorial Church. The money for this support is raised by various fundraisers throughout the year.   We also provide services to the community and support missionary work at home and abroad.
Based on the Jenkins Memorial Church Committee Responsibilities and Guidelines and job Descriptions dated October 17, 2004, the Ladies Aid is a group accountable to the Congregational Board. It is an essential aid to the church structure and functions to support the church.
The Ladies Aid Officers are voted in for one year.   The Committee Coordinators are selected by volunteering, as needed.
Officers for 2014 are as follows,
President, Janice R. Mallon
Secretary/Vice President, Barbara Suska
Treasurer, Grace Sutherland
Some of the Ladies Aid fundraisers throughout the year are bake sales, dinners, making and sale of Easter Eggs and the annual Cookie Walk and Bazaar.
Meetings are the second Monday of each month at 11:00 a.m.   Not only do the meetings consist of devotions, planning and scheduling but it is also a great time for Christian fellowship.
Anyone wishing to join Ladies Aid may show up at a meeting or contact the President.