Jenkins Memorial Church
Tuesday, December 12, 2017
The GROWING  'Little Church by The Side of The Road'

Small Groups

Church Office:  (410) 437-2846


Small groups are a great way to get connected!

The following groups will be starting up the week of October 1st.  Sign up sheets are on the ministry table, or call the church for more information. 


6:30 pm - A study of biblical passages directly related to God's church.  (Ken Kretsinger, at the church)

7:00 pm - The Basics, What every Christian should know about the Bible, Jesus, and Churches (the Zahns, Severna Park)


7:00 pm - Death and Resurrection of the Messiah, Bringing God's Peace to a World in Chaos (Helen Edwards, Pasadena)


7:00 pm - Evangelism - Simply telling two stories:  Jesus's and yours (how Jesus changed your life forever!)
We should build bridges with our stories to connect people to the heart of the Savior.  Our goal is not to win arguments but to win souls!  (Pastor Jesse Robinson and Beverly Rochford, at the church)